We are here to contribute to the future of Türkiye and to grow together with our entire society.

We were founded in 1988, by 20 idealist entrepreneurs under the roof of İttifak Holding. Following our growth in different sectors, we became a holding company in 1993 and registered with the Capital Markets Board in 1994. In 2009, we became an institution that was listed on Borsa İstanbul with nearly 19 thousand investors and in 2010, its stocks started to be traded in the top 100 index of Borsa İstanbul.

Our main fields of activities are food, construction, real estate investment, machinery and energy.

As of 2023, we continue our journey under the name of İttifak Holding, with our new face but with the same values ​​and goals as Loras Holding.

Loras Holding and its companies, which continue their activities as the 100% domestic capital-based power of growing Türkiye, have exported to 120 countries of the world and reached millions of customers.

Loras continues to carry out its activities as one of Türkiye's leading organizations in its mission of "growing together" with its self-confidence, strong equity, competence in benefiting from advanced technology, international experience, intellectual accumulation and successes achieved by adopting moral values in universal standards.